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About The EMU Experience

Ken Brown


The EMU Experience

At The EMU Experience, we are inspired by the jaw-dropping creativity of our Heavenly Father, which is on display around us each and every day.

Through our workshops and courses, we use our talents, gifts and passions to educate, equip and inspire learning professionals to be more creative in the corporate classroom. 

Beyond interacting with us, we encourage you to seek out the creativity that is all around you. And to use that to inspire you to greater creative success in your classroom.



“Up until the time I went through the train-the-facilitator training you hosted, I was the BEST at reading information off of the slides I would present. I didn’t know any better as that was all I knew at the time. After coming out of your facilitation training, the change for me was, and will forever be so worth the time, money, and effort spent with you and within the training classes.“

“I want to express my gratitude for that eye-opening seminar called “Train-the-Trainer”. I went to the seminar with great expectations, and you not only met but also surpassed my expectations. I congratulate you on having the best training program that I have ever seen.”

“Thank you for your help with our Train the Trainer class. We got fantastic feedback from the attendees. They were really impressed.”

“From my point of view, the training that we received truly helped me from just being a presenter that only provides a “data dump” or “…show up and throw up…”, to one that recognized the need to get the audience involved.  It helped me to make my presentations more interactive and interesting. I definitely feel you played a vital role in helping all of us move beyond the way we had been presenting to the way we go about it today.”

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