One Awesome Tool That Lets You See What Your Participants Remember

You've taught your course all day and now you're almost at the end. The only thing left to do is to test your students on what they have know, discover what new neuronal connections have formed in their brains. You've got the standard test that your company requires all trainers to give. Or maybe you've created your own version of a test. But then you hear that little voice in your head getting unusually loud...the one that says, "NO! Not a test...why!!!???" WHY indeed. Why do you give your participants a paper test, perhaps followed by a question-by-question review? You know other trainers who simply ask their students to list (out loud) their top two or three takeaways. Heari

The Year I Gave Up On My Training Blog

Back in Feb 2016, I was tapped out with training blog post ideas. I just couldn’t get my head (or more importantly, my heart) around any topics that were substantive or relevant. Feeling alone and lost, I surrendered. I gave up. I stopped writing this blog and walked away. My full-time job was (and is) as a corporate videographer and producer, so I wasn't like I was "close" to training on a daily basis. But I kept getting drawn back. Throughout the year, I would occasionally hear about a bad training experience from a colleague or friend and it would make me cringe. Over the years - and armed with the added insight that I am wired as an Intuitive Feeler (NF) - I have learned to listen to my

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