Stop Doing These 3 Things In Your Course Immediately!

Recently, I had the opportunity to be an observer in a training course. It was an established, one-day course that had been customized specifically for the customer. The intent was to provide an overview of the product line, discuss the features and benefits and how to use the various products. What I observed, unfortunately, was more of the same - what I call bad classroom habits. Are you guilt of these 3 habits in your classroom? 1. You don't take time at the start of the course to get to know your audience and their experience with your products or your company. If you are delivering a customized training course to a group of (new or existing) customers, you have to do a sanity check to m

How to Easily Set Up Your Classroom For Success

For a good percentage of corporate trainers, facilitators and learning & development professionals, you might find yourself taking your training course to either a customer's site or to a neutral location (such as a hotel). Because of that, you often have to think about how you arrange the tables and chairs in that space. For others, you may always do your training at your company's training location, so the arrangement is always consistent and always the same. Your Classroom is Your First Impression But in both scenarios, how much consideration do you really give to the setup / arrangement of your training space? Is your pat direction to the hotel, "Classroom-style seating?" I believe that

7 Easy Things You Should Be Doing to Make Your Classroom Fun

As a corporate trainer or instructor, you can do your participants an incredible service by making their time with you and your course fun. And yes, I firmly believe fun is possible in any course and by any instructor. Yes, even you! There are three types of instructors reading this post: "I already make my training fun. In fact, I'm pretty awesomely amazing!" "I don't know how to make learning fun, but I want to." "'Fun' is not fundamental in the classroom. Don't have time for it. Nor do I have a sense of humor. Can I go now?" If you're the latter, you've already stopped reading. Which leaves the other two types of instructors. Ready to find out how to integrate fun and/or more fun into you

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