Do You Know Who's in Your Classroom? Prisoners, Vacationers and Engaged Learners (oh my!)

As you observe the students entering your classroom, their nonverbal expressions tell you much about their desire to spend the next few hours with you. And as you continue to observe your students, you will be able to associate them to one of three types of students: Each has a specific motivation for being in your classroom. Sadly, all are not there simply because of how awesome an instructor you are. As with any attempt to "categorize" people, some will push back against such "labeling." But when I first learned about these types of students from Becky Pike Pluth of The Bob Pike Group, they just resonated with me. Hopefully they will with you as well. Prisoners Imagine you come into the of

Confessions of an Introverted Learning Professional: My Brief Time as Jeff Probst

(revised 3/24/2017) - NOTE: This is a revised post from my original blog site at Despite being an introvert, I keep finding myself in situations where I'm resisting the status quo, fighting the "system" or simply trying something that's never been done before. In this post, I describe one of the scariest, yet most gratifying engagement exercises I've ever pulled off. Team Building: Sure...Let's Try That! In January 2012, a "something that's never been done before" urge struck me: Let's put on a team building event. Specifically, an event based on the reality TV show Survivor (since I have always been a big fan). Here was the situation: In March, we would be holding our annual

How The EMU Experience Works in Real Life: #1

Before we begin, let me ask you a question: When was the last time a customer called you personally to say how much his or her employees LOVED your training course? We'll come back to your answer shortly. I recently had an opportunity to share the fundamentals of The EMU Experience with a couple of colleagues (I'll call them "Patty" and "Carney" because those are their real names), who would be conducting a series of 4-hr customer-service workshops the following week. As Patty described their plan for the workshops, I started asking questions...stuff like: How much content do you have? How will you arrange the room and the seating? How are you planning on introducing everyone? Do you have s

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