The Simple Solution That Makes Your Classroom More Engaging

NOTE: This is a revised post from my original blog site at The Simple Solution..." Yes, by the end of this post you will understand what I am describing. But it will not be an easy solution. "Easy" to me implies that little effort is required. In fact, 80% of you - corporate learning professionals or not - will stop reading this post halfway through or scan the paragraphs and acknowledge that the specifics are too difficult to implement. Today, lack of student engagement in the classroom is still very much an issue. When I challenge my Train-the-Trainer students to "show me what you've got" in terms of how they teach, 95% of the time they give me what we all experience when w

Do You Talk AT or Talk TO Your Audience?

In the final prep of any customer meeting or training course, there is the realization of just how much information you feel that you need to communicate to your customers. And no matter the setting of the training or meeting (conference room, tropical paradise, downtown hotel or mountain getaway), what usually wins out is the decision that it is okay to simply sit your customers in a room and overwhelm them with information. In other words, you've decided to talk at them. Over the course of 7 years, I saw this approach consistently demonstrated 95% of the time in my Train-the-Trainer students when I asked them right-out-of-the-gate to show me how they teach. Again, the thought is that this

3 Reasons Why You Should Play BINGO in Your Training Course

BINGO...'s not just for your grandparents. It's a powerful and nuanced training tool that you can...and with your students as well. Here are three reasons why: Every ecstatic cry of "BINGO" results in an opportunity for one of your participants to teach the other participants. Because your participants know teaching the group is the consequence of shouting "BINGO," they are constantly preparing themselves mentally by reviewing the content. Each BINGO sheet contains the most important key takeaways from your course, so each "BINGO!" is one more opportunity to revisit those takeaways. Before we dig deeper into each of these benefits, I want to acknowledge and thank the incr

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