3 Ways to Enhance Your Credibility in the Classroom

NOTE: This is an updated version of my post originally published on kenwbrown.com. Over the last few posts, we've been taking the book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die principle by principle. We've discussed the principles of simple, unexpected and concrete. Today, we'll break down the principle of credibility. The credibility that you demonstrate in the classroom is a critical component of delivering educational content that resonates with your students. Drop the ball in this area and there's little you can do to recover. 1. Demonstrate What You Say It's one thing to stand at the front of the classroom and state features and benefits about your product. Or talk about th

Is Your Learning Content Reinforced with Concrete?

NOTE: This is an updated version of my post originally published on kenwbrown.com. Ever taught a concept or principle, or described an object, thinking that you were clear as a bell, only to have your students call or email you, or ask you in class, days or weeks later, asking you to explain it again? How do you help your audience walk away with the same meaning of a given topic or concept? By being concrete; that is, using sensory data and descriptions to describe that thing you want them to understand and remember. Concrete is the Made to Stick principle we will focus on today. Before we jump in...take a good look at the highlighted picture above... The picture of Concrete represented abov

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