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I started The EMU Experience in 2015 to tackle what I believe is a prevalent problem in the corporate world: Training. Specifically how training is designed and delivered. I've stated this before, but my summary of the majority of corporate training is this: Too much content delivered with little to no student engagement using little creativity and providing no support, effective follow-up or accountability. Before you go gettin' all crazy, let me admit that there are some trainers who are doing it right. In fact, I've been forever impacted by two specific facilitators in my journey as a lifelong learner: Becky Pike Pluth and Patrick Kerwin. But individuals like Becky and Patrick, and those

How to Use Competition to Get All of Your Presenters on the "Same Page"

No doubt that at some point, your company has handed you slides that have been crafted with a specific message and deliberate talking points. You've been told not to change or skip the slides, but to use them (and speak to them) as they have been written. We can assume that everyone responsible for delivering those slides is 100% on board and totally comfortable with how they will speak to these slides. But if we do assume that, we will be wrong. You know that. I know that. Because none of your presenters have ever skipped a slide simply because he/she didn't understand the purpose of the slide, right? So how can set our people up for success in such a scenario? I believe that one of my acti

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