How Do You Greet Your Customers (When They Arrive At Your Office)?

HOW DO YOU GREET YOUR CUSTOMERS when they arrive at your office for a day of learning…about your company? Let me ask you this: Is this meeting just another meeting in the eyes of your employees or colleagues, or are you genuinely excited to have these customers in your “house"? If the latter, how are you showing that excitement? What kind of experience are you really giving your customers? Pause for a moment to reflect...reflect on all of the amazing 5-star customer experiences you’ve had personally - like your last stay at a Ritz-Carlton or your last visit to Chick-fil-A. Does your process for welcoming customers to your office even fall into that same category of experiences? If YES, high-

Where Exactly Is Learning Happening in Your Company?

At The EMU Experience, we focus on designing memorable learning experiences. And memorable learning experiences are not just limited to your corporate training courses… Onboarding. All-employee meetings. Customer site visits. Annual customer events. In each of these, there is a learning element, right? Isn’t there new information you want your customers or employees to walk away with? Be excited about? Share with their customers? You can assume that at any of these gatherings, your customers and employees are fully attentive and are excitedly awaiting what you have to say and that they will remember it all. You can assume that. But you know the reality. Distractions and “better things to do

When Customers Visit Your Office, What Type of Experience Are Your Giving Them?

Perhaps you hold a regular in-house customer event, where you invite your customers to your office to give them a little more of a behind-the-scenes exposure of how your company operates. All with the (presumably) underlying intention of really making your customers feel very special. So they arrive, sign in, get their visitor pass, grab some coffee and take a seat in your training or conference room - you know the routine. And they sit for the rest of the day, as one team lead or executive after another arrives with his or her own batch of PowerPoint slides to explain what their respective teams do. You might even throw in a building tour. But at the end of the day, this all feels like ever

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