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We Transform Your Training Content into an
Engaging and Memorable Learning Experience


Let's admit one glaring truth right now: Content is easily forgotten.

Yet, like the quote above, our standard approach to corporate training is to deliver a whole lot of it. 


Why? Because presentations are easy to create and deliver. 

But, in the creation process, we feel compelled to cover entirely too much information. 

It's turning on the fire hose. It's an information dump. It's "show up and throw up." And it's forgettable.

So, how do you deliver a memorable learning experience?
You engage your audience in unexpected ways. 
It's really that simple.


Experiences powerfully capture & hold attention and are remembered.

I'm Ken Brown and I've been involved in classroom learning since 1988, having designed and facilitated courses in both university and corporate classrooms. From that experience, I've developed a powerfully effective and easy-to-implement methodology called The EMU Experience.


And I've successfully applied this methodology to not just training courses, but to large company meetings, teambuilding sessions and award-winning video content as well. 


If you want to transform your training or video content into an Engaging, Memorable and Unexpected experience, click the GET STARTED TODAY button below.

Events or Experiences

“Up until the time I went through the train-the-facilitator training you hosted, I was the BEST at reading information off of the slides I would present. I didn’t know any better as that was all I knew at the time. After coming out of your facilitation training, the change for me was, and will forever be so worth the time, money, and effort spent with you and within the training classes.“



Training Design & Facilitation

Here's what you and I both know: Talking TO your students does not make for effective training.

You have to engage them.
Let me teach you how.

Learn more >

Meeting Design

Your internal company meetings are great employee engagement opportunities.

But a podium and slide deck are expected and are NOT engaging.


Let me help you engage your employees on a whole new level!

Learn more >

Video Production

Training videos. Award-winning customer testimonials.

Company origin stories.


In the last 3 years,

I've shot/produced over 200.


What stories do you want to tell?

Learn more >

Services (Top)


“I want to express my gratitude for that eye-opening seminar called “Train-the-Trainer”. I went to the seminar with great expectations, and you not only met but also surpassed my expectations. I congratulate you on having the best training program that I have ever seen.”


“Thank you for your help with our Train the Trainer class. We got fantastic feedback from the attendees. They were really impressed.”


“From my point of view, the training that we received truly helped me from just being a presenter that only provides a “data dump” or “…show up and throw up…”, to one that recognized the need to get the audience involved.  It helped me to make my presentations more interactive and interesting. I definitely feel you played a vital role in helping all of us move beyond the way we had been presenting to the way we go about it today.”


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