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Training Design & Facilitation

For most companies, training is often nothing more than a presentation, with way too many slides, that their trainers deliver and call it a “training course.” Because there is so much information to cover, the trainers end up talking AT their students for the majority (80-90%) of the course. Which means students retain very little information.


To deliver effective training and foster learning, you have to engage your students. It’s a simple concept, but one that can be difficult to implement…if you don’t know how.


I will admit - purposefully engaging your students can be scary and uncomfortable. 

But engagement is the only way to deliver effective and memorable training. Applying The EMU Experience to your training means engaging your students in unexpected and memorable ways.

Here's How I Can Help You


TRAINING DESIGN: I can work with you directly on your new or existing training course and show you how to apply The EMU Experience. Together, we will transform your training content into an engaging and memorable learning experience.

LIVE TRAINING WORKSHOP: I can bring my Become an 11x More Effective Corporate Trainer This Year workshop in-house, and teach your trainers and designers how to easily and effectively engage their students. This is a workshop that I have facilitated to over 700 trainers to date.


ONLINE TRAINING: You can enroll in my Become an 11x More Effective Corporate Trainer This Year online course at My students give it a 4.7 overall rating.

Meeting Design

Let’s talk about your company’s all-employee meetings. How often do you have them? What’s the format? What do employees think about those meetings? Do you realize that such meetings, beyond the information delivered, are a prime employee engagement opportunity?

In only two years at Mitsubishi Electric, my colleagues and I have taken what began as a presentation-only quarterly employee meeting and turned it into an incredibly successful format that has included…staging, lighting, themes, presentations from both on the stage and in the audience, red carpet interviews, live remotes by employees, panel discussions, a late-night talk show format complete with monologue, live streaming, etc…

The secret ingredient: Employees. Employees help us put the meeting together and employees participate in delivering the meeting content.

We’ve gotten senior leadership and our fellow employees excited about the quarterly meetings. In fact, our team meetings have become so successful that we’ve even taken them on the road and produced remote broadcasts from our other offices around the U.S. And in Oct 2017, we produced a Wrigley-field inspired baseball-themed meeting that our executives called "the best team meeting yet!"

All of this started because we wanted to do something different. We saw these meetings as informational, but more importantly, as employee engagement. The overwhelmingly positive response has only confirmed to us that we are doing something that our fellow employees love attending and love being involved with.

So back to your all-employee meetings. Are you looking for a different perspective on how to plan and produce your next meeting? What about your next customer meeting?


I can help you deliver a meeting experience that is engaging, memorable AND unexpected.

Training Design
Meeting Design
Facilitation Basics

In my role at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, I shoot and produce training videos, customer success stories, award-winning short stories, and company origin stories. In 2016, we were the only HVAC company to win a Stevie Award for our video work. In 2017, our work was acknowledged with 7 Stevie Awards, 6 Videographer Awards and 5 Telly Awards. 


I can help you plan, shoot, edit and produce compelling, engaging and memorable videos for your employees and customers.

Video Production

No one can promote your company better than a satisfied customer.

Of the 250 videos I've filmed in the last three years, over half were customer interviews.

A company’s "origin" story has the power to rally employees behind a common narrative. It gets them excited about their job and gives them a different perspective on how they contribute to the company’s impact. In other words, a company video origin story helps facilitate employee engagement.

Has your company’s origin story been told through video?

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