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Is Video Content a Priority in Your Company?

Like most bloggers, I too have an occupation that takes up the better part of my day (what some might call a "day job") - I lead the in-house video production team at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating.

I actually created my Video Production role 3.5 years ago, after spending the first 9 years at Mitsubishi Electric building our Training team. The incredibly sloth-like pace of getting training deliverables out the door finally took it's toll, and I needed a change - but I didn't want to leave Mitsubishi Electric.

So in the span of 24 hours, I wrote my current Video Production job description and got it approved by my (then) manager.

What We've Accomplished in Video Production

Over the past 3 years, we've produced over 220 videos - and that output has grown substantially year-over-year: 2014 - 14 videos, 2015 - 57 videos, 2016 - 122 videos.

What I haven't mentioned is that I AM the in-house video team at Cooling & Heating. I'm the one doing the traveling and filming of each customer/end user interview and each training video. No direct reports, no on-set production assistant. Just the field.

So - working as a team of one - how has Mitsubishi Electric been able to produce so many videos? That growth is in no small part due to my awesome relationship with the team at Form Films, who handle all of our post-production work and even film some of our larger projects.

We have established a solid process that allows me to hand off the footage (which can be anywhere from 6 to 20+ different interviews at a time) and receive the final videos in 3-6 weeks.

And We're Winning Awards for our Work

We recently received news that 7 of our videos have been honored with 2017 Stevie Awards from the American Business Awards (see video winners here).

We won Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards in the Video categories of Product Sales, Motivational, Internal/Employee Communication and Corporate Overview.

Why share this?

  • First, we are totally pumped to be honored with this many awards.

  • Second, it let's me know that we are delivering strong video content.

  • Third, for the 2nd year in a row, we are the only HVAC company receiving Stevie Awards for our video work.

And finally, since we're on the topic, it allows me to ask you candidly:

What types of video content are you producing in your company?

If you're not, what's holding you back from stepping into video?

Did I mention that what I thought I knew about video production back in 2014 when I wrote my job description to what I know at this moment are two vastly different universes?

To this day, do I learn from each and every video that I shoot? You betcha!

The Types of Videos That We Produce

What types of videos do we produce at Mitsubishi Electric?

  • Success Story interviews with customers and homeowners (typically 2-3 mins long)

  • How-to Training videos (2-3 mins)

  • Spotlight interviews with the elite HVAC contractors who make our products a significant part of their business (2-3 mins)

  • Longer-form (5-8 mins) Success Stories that focus on projects with a bigger story to tell

  • Company Overview / Origin stories (6-12 mins)

  • 90-sec Product Promos

  • Spoof/parody videos

You can see examples of all these videos on the MitsubishiHVAC YouTube channel.

Bottom line: I can use my experience over the last 3 years to help you start delivering video content immediately. Video content that is engaging, memorable and unexpected - it's one of the services that I offer at The EMU Experience.


As Chief EMU Wrangler at The EMU Experience, LLC, Ken helps learning professionals deliver engaging, memorable and unexpected learning experiences. By teaching practical techniques to purposefully increase student engagement, along with methods that incorporate creativity into the design and delivery process, Ken can help you create a learning experience that is engaging, memorable and unexpected.

Got questions? Email Ken –

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