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An Honest Evaluation of Your Training Content

This week on social media, I focused on the topic of training content.

I began by asking this question:

As you think about your training content, do you make a distinction between

what your students absolutely need to know vs what would be nice for them to know?

Following up that question with a deeper dive:

If - at the last minute - you were asked to cut your training course time in half,

what content would you include? What makes that content so important?

And what if your full training time was restored, but you still only delivered that content...

how different would that execution of your course be...and why?

Which lead to the real benefit of making such a drastic cut in the amount of content you deliver:

By cutting your training content by 50%, you now have flexibility -

and time, oh so much time - to truly engage your students.

Which means you can now review and revisit your main takeaways several times - instead of just once - which will greatly enhance the amount of material your students retain.

After all, that’s what you want, right?

Or do you still just want to deliver the content, count butts in seats and

check another training “class” off your list?

The choice is ultimately yours.

If you are intrigued with the idea of making your course different - I can teach you the specific steps to make it happen:

And if you're not following me on social media, here's your chance:




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