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This is How You Get 100% Participation in Your Corporate Training Course

Over the last week or so, I've been posting a thread on social media that deals with how you plan your purposeful questions.

These questions are the catalyst that drives engagement with and among your students.

But those questions do not magically appear nor can they simply be thought of on-the-fly. No, these you really need to plan for in order for your engagement activities to go smoothly.

In my new online course - 11 Powerful Classroom Activities For Corporate Learners - I talk specifically about one technique I use in which your students actually create these purposeful questions.

The activity is called the Group Leader Duel. Basically, it's one less thing for you to manage and a great learning exercise for your students. Beyond just the questions, this activity can also be used to have your students generate lists, steps in a process, etc.

Free Video from my New Online Course

I've posted the section from my new course in which I discuss the Group Leader Duel. Take a look:

Finally, if you haven't been paying attention...

I have a new online course!!!

11 Powerful Classroom Activities For Corporate Learners

In this course, you will find 11 easy-to-implement but powerfully effective classroom activities. They are designed to purposefully engage your adult learners, which in turn creates a more memorable learning experience.

If your current training course is nothing more than a presentation, and you just can't find the time or don't feel comfortable engaging your students, then this course can absolutely help you.

I've made this course available on the following platforms: (as shown above)

I hope you can check out the course today!

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