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How Do You Greet Your Customers (When They Arrive At Your Office)?

HOW DO YOU GREET YOUR CUSTOMERS when they arrive at your office for a day of learning…about your company?

Let me ask you this:

Is this meeting just another meeting in the eyes of your employees or colleagues, or are you genuinely excited to have these customers in your “house"?

If the latter, how are you showing that excitement? What kind of experience are you really giving your customers?

Pause for a moment to reflect...reflect on all of the amazing 5-star customer experiences you’ve had personally - like your last stay at a Ritz-Carlton or your last visit to Chick-fil-A.

Does your process for welcoming customers to your office even fall into that same category of experiences?

If YES, high-five [clap]!

Now try to imagine giving your customers an 11-star experience; what would that even LOOK, SOUND, or FEEL like?

Any company can deliver the same-old, same-old. And most do, because it's easy and it's "how they always done it". The challenge is to start thinking differently, more creatively.

How will you welcome your customers in a way that is different and creative?

In The EMU Experience language, how can you give them an ENGAGING, MEMORABLE and UNEXPECTED greeting?

Here are some EMU Experience suggestions:

Have “paparazzi” (AKA employees with cameras) on-hand at the front door or camped out in the lobby snapping pics of these "celebrities and superstars".

Maybe even throw in interviewers (AKA employees with mics or audio recorders) asking questions (e.g., How does it feel to be here today?”). Trail your customers from the lobby to the coffee station to the door of the meeting room (that's the boundary line for the interviewers and paparazzi).

Take a page from professional sports: At the start of the meeting, position all of your customers in the hallway. Then, have each customer run into the room (or down the hallway) as they are introduced, high-fiving employees (AKA "fans" and other customers) along the way!

Prior to the customer visit, collect specific information from the customers who will be attending. This would include name, social media headshot, job title, company, industry, years in industry/years at company.

Build that information into one slide per customer, and play that slide deck starting 15 mins prior to the official start of the meeting. Displaying this information will help facilitate networking during breaks.

10-15 mins before the start of the meeting, have customers pair up and be prepared to introduce each other and explain why they are here.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, have fun with it!

This ENGAGING, MEMORABLE and UNEXPECTED investment on your part sets the tone for the rest of the day…and the rest of the day better not be 6 hours of PowerPoint!

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