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Many training vendors market their seminars, get your people to attend, then say, “Good luck.” You hear back from those companies only when they try to cycle more of your people through the same course or offer a level 2 version months later…with no conversations in-between.


That's drive-by training. Or you can call it drive-thru training. 

Our focus is on helping companies transform their classroom training and live company meetings. Transformation doesn’t happen in a drive-thru or on a drive-by.


It happens through a partnership, where there is an investment of time and resources, honest communication, accountability, growth and learning. And celebration when it all comes together!


And just like you, we’re a little picky about who we work with. 

For our corporate training clients, we work with companies and individuals looking to truly transform how they design and deliver their training programs. This means we work with:

  • HR Directors and managers desiring a more effective and engaging onboarding program, but just aren’t sure what to do to make that happen.

  • Training directors and managers wanting to increase both the level of student engagement in and the effectiveness of their courses.

  • Trainers and instructors who realize that “this is the way we’ve always done it” isn’t working and are now looking to improve their skills and effectiveness in the classroom.

  • Executives seeking to give their companies an edge through their unique training programs and enjoy the word-of-mouth that comes from those programs.

When working with clients to improve their internal company meetings, we work with:

  • HR Directors who want to take advantage of the incredible employee-engagement opportunity such meetings provide.

  • Executives and senior leadership who want employees to be engaged so that they listen and learn from the information that is being communicated

  • Employees, because they play an integral part in the planning and execution of an amazing company meeting. 

We are easy and fun to work with.

Our role is to make you look good and to help you succeed. 

So we should probably talk soon. 

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